ImagEarn Natasha Smart and Dilon Gay Pov

ImagEarn Natasha Smart and Dilon Gay Pov play
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Her arse was sore from wagging her tail and her nipples sore from having them dangle down for so long. When master had hit her 20 times he asked if she thought she deserved to be punished more Read more. . As I penetrated her I could feel how she opened to allow my cock going into her ass

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. But before I did, I took away the blindfold, the way she was tied gave her no possibility to protest and she was aware of that. First time for a lot of things

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” She said, more to my shrinking cock than to me.
I didn't know what was going on, and I was scared. As scared as I was, I wanted to try it again

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. He saw her ample bosum, she was sitting quite close to the fire and with the stress he had just put her under he could see beads of sweat forming all over her skin